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What you should know before moving in Northern Michigan

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Northern Michigan is a great place to live – just ask any of the people who call this place home. Here’s everything you need to know before packing your bags and heading for Michigan.

  1. Residents are staying put

    2017 U.S. Census estimates put the state of Michigan’s population at 9,962,311, a 0.3% increase from the previous year. The state’s growth rate is slower than the national rate of 0.7%, but records are indicative of positive net migration. This means more people are moving to the state and staying put.

    This is no surprise, considering the quality of life and the tight-knit nature of Northern Michigan’s communities. Residents live full, active lives by hiking, fishing or volunteering at school events and fundraisers.

  2. Seasonal events, such as the National Cherry Festival, Tip-Up Town, and Alpenfest bring people together through live music, amazing food, friendly competition, and volunteer opportunities.

  3. It has a top public university

    Northern Michigan University (NMU) has been considered for various national and international awards because it makes full use of next-generation technology in its method of instruction.

    To illustrate, NMU is one of the biggest notebook computer campuses in the country. Its students useThinkPads and MacBook throughout the course of their education.

    NMU was also the first university in the US to have its very own WiMAX (4G) network. It is now running on LTE with coverage of up to 40 square miles.

  4. Most people are sports fans

    Sports bars are usually packed during game time. Professional and college sports are a big deal in Northern Michigan. The locals root for the Detroit Lions and Detroit Tigers – win or lose. The University of Michigan’s football team also attracts huge crowds during matches. Even Chicago teams get love from Michigan’s residents.

  5. Winters can be brutal

    To say that Northern Michigan winters are freezing would be an understatement. Temperatures can drop to teeth-chattering -51°F. Snow piles up, lakes freeze over, and massive ice ball formations appear on the shores of lakes.

    Then again, the fiercest blizzards are no match for Northern Michiganders. They go about with their normal activities like taking their kids to school and doing groceries in the midst of the crazy weather.

    The running joke about flannel pajamas and wool socks as wintertime lingerie should give you an idea on what to bring with you if you’re moving to NM.

    That being said, it’s better to relocate to NM in the summer or spring when the weather is more inviting. You won’t need a moving permit to relocate to the state but it’s advisable to line up parking for your truck in advance just to stay clear of city violations.

  6. Lakeside views are gorgeous

    But when it’s not freezing, you should take the time to explore Northern Michigan’s waterfront scenes. The Wolverine State has its fair share of fantastic inland lakes.

    Petoskey is situated along the shores of Lake Michigan. Go jet skiing with friends or comb the beach for the famous Petoskey Stones. Boating and fishing are other popular pastimes in this area.

  7. There’s a thriving craft beer scene

    Some of the best craft beers in the US come from Petoskey. Moving here gives you a chance to immerse yourself in the vibrant craft beer scene.

    Come to Beards Brewery for beers on tap and delicious bar chow. The brewery also hosts fun events like Trivia Tuesdays and open mic nights.

    Another brewery of note is the Petoskey Brewing Company, a microbrewery that’s almost as old as the city itself. The delightful food and the excellent hand-crafted beers are simply worth the visit.

  8. You can sometimes see the Northern Lights

    Residents can sometimes catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights on a clear night in Lake Superior when there is no impediment of lake effect snow. The best time to go is between August and April, with the best months being April, October, and November.

    Northern Michigan is one of the best places to catch this stunning astronomical phenomenon, particularly in areas where there is little to no light pollution.

  9. The Coney Dog is unavoidable

    This mouth-watering treat is a Michiganmainstayof the area’s vibrant culinary scene. Sink your teeth into this juicy hotdog and let its signature chili topping, affectionately called “Coney sauce” by Michiganders, drip down the corners of your mouth.

  10. Traverse City is the Cherry Capital of the World

    You’ll find gorgeous cherry orchards throughout Lake Michigan’s eastern shores. The finest of these orchards are located within Traverse City. The state as a whole produces a staggering 250 million pounds of cherry, which roughly equates to 75% of all tart cherries and 20% of all sweet cherries that are grown yearly on US soil.

  11. It has some of the best real estate in Michigan

    Northern Michigan boasts of some of the most sought-after lakeside homes in the US. From luxury log cabins to golf course properties, NM has it all. The most coveted homes often have lakeside access and in-ground swimming pools to help you make the most of NM’s unique waterfront setting.

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